Working languages for the upcoming session

English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian.

Language of general instruction:

Course philosophy

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2020 session dates

2-14 August 2020

2021 session dates

1-13 August 2021

Working languages for this session

English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian.

Course Venue

Hilton Cambridge City Centre
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Course Content

The CCIC will always ensure that there are never more than 2.5 students per teacher.

The Course is centred on teaching simultaneous interpretation from an array of general and technical speeches delivered by video, specialist guest speakers and members of the teaching faculty. 

Our training methodology involves a progressive and reasoned gradation in the difficulty and content of spoken interventions. Students will spend in total about 5 hours a day working in two-person ISO booths..

The CCIC features

Extensive training, practice, and coaching in professional simultaneous interpretation techniques

Systematic, immediate individual assessment of participants' performance

Grouped feedback in plenary mode to refine topical approaches and strategies

Training in technical interpretation, with preparation and evaluation of relevant vocabulary, approaches and techniques

Instruction in formal international conference terminology and practice

High-level 'live' meetings to replicate true conference conditions

Relay interpretation as both provider and recipient

Off-line analysis and self-critique using recordings of speaker and student

Daily specialised additional training workshops covering, inter alia, on-sight translation, “chuchotage,” "B" language strategies, working from and preparing texts, booth & stress management, marketing & negotiation, AIIC, International Institutions, & interpreting approaches to Shakespeare, the Bible, and Latin

Language-specific modules to develop detailed linguistic strategies

Specific training and practice sessions in consecutive interpretation

state-of-the-art ISO-standard Brähler interpreting booths and equipment

Practical real-life exercises involving "chuchotage" interpretation

Language-independent cognitive and analytical skills group training exercises


All Course languages are represented among plenary speeches; approximately 30% of speeches are delivered in English.  The remaining speeches are split pro rata the number of enrolled students in each language.

Speeches in plenary and most extra-curricular modules will be recorded digitally so that students may make copies for further practice. Students are advised to bring with them a personal recorder to record their own performance in the booth.