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2023 session dates

30 July - 12 August 2023

2024 session dates

4 - 17 August 2024

Working languages for this session

English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian.

Course Venue

Hilton Cambridge City Centre
Downing St,
Cambridge CB2 3DT,
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Biactive Young Interpreter Places

There are two student places available for young interpreters with a FR<>EN biactive profile. Read more..

CCIC Community at work

The "CCIC community" now extends to dozens of countries, providing professional and social opportunities. More...

CCIC Community at Work

One of the strengths of the CCIC since its inception has always been the extensive network of friends and professional contacts and opportunities fostered amongst students and teachers.

The "CCIC community" now extends to dozens of countries, providing all sorts of social and professional opportunities for interpreters who have bonded during the intense moments experienced at Cambridge.

Here are some examples of our networks in action!

CCIC at meeting, Paris

CCIC at DfD, Cologne

CCIC at AIIC CdP anniversary, Paris

Antonella Mariotti, Paolo Cappelli and Giulia Merlo

Hildo and Irina Working together in 2006

Nayla, Nathalie, Mariana, and Aline in Beirut in 2004

Mandy, Almute, Conrado, Brigitte, Sabine, Sarah and Deniz all participated in the AIIC Private Market Sector Sales Techniques Seminar in Köln, Germany, July 2006.

Dominique and Veronique in Sorreze in 2006

Chris and Julia at an Emmaus meeting with Abbé Pierre.

Out of shot: Daniel Sherr, Inger-Lise Ostrem, Martine Carlier, Mariana Rimoldi, Nathalie Andre.

Others recruited for meetings include Tom Afton, Charles King, Dario Moreno, Sue Alcott, Gillian Wakenhut, Pilar Gil-Jimenez, Sonia Abuin, Eugenia Mahiques, Anna Sophia Turner.