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2020 session dates

2-14 August 2020

2021 session dates

1-13 August 2021

Working languages for this session

English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian.

Course Venue

Hilton Cambridge City Centre
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Biactive Young Interpreter Places

There are two student places available for young interpreters with a FR<>EN biactive profile. Read more..

CCIC Community at work

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Administrative details

The formal opening dinner is at 7pm on Sunday 5 August.
Departure is from Saturday morning 18 August.
The Course runs from Monday 6 August through Friday 17 August.

Fees are as follows

Tuition fees only - £2649

Optional accommodation at the Hilton Cambridge City Centre:

All rooms include:

Students staying at the hotel may bring a companion, for a nightly charge of £10 B&B.
The “B&B” package, including a full English breakfast, is strongly recommended. 

For alternative accommodations, please see the FAQ.

Tuition fees cover: