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2020 session dates

2-14 August 2020

2021 session dates

1-13 August 2021

Working languages for this session

English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian.

Course Venue


We WILL return to our Cambridge Hilton Cambridge City Centre venue in 2021!

Biactive Young Interpreter Places

There are two student places available for young interpreters with a FR<>EN biactive profile. Read more..

CCIC Community at work

The "CCIC community" now extends to dozens of countries, providing professional and social opportunities. More...

2020: The 36th CCIC REMOTE EDITION is now open for enrolment!

In these crazy times…

The Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course
will still go on!

If we ever do stop holding this annual Course, it will be because we have chosen to do so, and not because something we have no control over has forced us to stop –

Keep Calm and Carry On!

Which means that we will be holding the CCIC 2020 edition online.

While we have absolutely no wish to be a Course that teaches remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI), we will use that tool to teach the skills for better interpreting overall – wherever and however you happen to work!
All information concerning the CCIC on other pages of this site reflects what we will continue to provide to you in a remote environment.


The Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course is not an interpreting school, and students are expected to be capable of working at a professional level.